Coco Cultivate Coconut Coir Fiber Grow Media 50L (13 Gal / 1.7CF)

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Weight: 50L / 13 Gallons / 1.7 Cubic Feet

Coco Cultivate is RHP certified
Coco Cultivate can be used as a soil or can be mixed to the consistency of your choice.
Coco Cultivate is pre-buffered to ensure the plants soak up the most nutrients.
Coco Cultivate will give you better results than any soil used alone. This product will keep roots, and plants moist while, allowing them to breathe; giving you bigger and better crops.
Coco is for growers at all stages and levels.
Good for soil reconstruction and structure

Directions: Do not pack tight. Water 1-4 times a day (until moist) with a nutrient solution

Coconut coir is attractive because it’s a byproduct of the coconut industry that is not eaten or used as fuel, and on top of that, it actually promotes plant health.
Coconut coir has an outstanding water-holding capacity (it can absorb 8 times its own weight in water) and the fibers act like mini-sponges, retaining water for long periods of time while releasing nutrients in ideal increments. The result of those benefits is more vigorous plant growth.